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Growing into Resilience Survey 2016

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GROWING INTO RESILIENCE: A Survey for Sexual and Gender Minority (LGBTTIQQ2SA) Youth

This survey is for Canadian sexual and gender minority (LGBTTIQQ2SA) youth and young adults between 12 and 29 years old. Dr. André P. Grace, Director of Research at the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services (iSMSS) is conducting this research, which the Research Ethics Board at the University of Alberta has approved. You are invited to participate.

While we have made progress in achieving sexual and gender minority rights in Canada, many young people still experience discrimination and other problems based on their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Challenges and difficulties often increase when other factors like age, ethnocultural group, religion, and where one lives (for example, urban, rural, and northern) are taken into account. As a result, many individuals experience health problems and take risks in dealing with their situations. Still some young people overcome adversity and trauma and find ways to thrive. Through this survey we want to learn about all sexual and gender minority youth and young adults and your challenges, difficulties, risk taking, sources of supports, and ways of surviving and thriving. The results of this survey will be used to help young Canadians through improvements in education, healthcare, foster care, group homes, youth justice, and other spaces that should provide recognition and support. This survey gives youth and young adults across Canada an opportunity to provide key input to help us in this work.

The Growing into Resilience survey asks you to respond to items about the many factors impacting your everyday life. These items focus on interactions at school and in healthcare, families, faith groups, and the larger community. The survey is designed so you can talk about the factors that affect your health and happiness; that is, the factors that affect how you become more resilient. It can take you up to 30 minutes to complete. However, please take the time to complete the entire survey. You will be helping all LGBTTIQQ2SA youth and young adults who need supports. You might consider some of the items to be sensitive and stressful to answer. If you have concerns and need assistance and support from us, please email Jeffrey Hankey.

To participate in the survey please follow this link:
For English Version: http://ers.fluidsurveys.com/s/resilience-survey.
For French Version: http://ers.fluidsurveys.com/s/resilience-fr/

To thank you for your participation, upon completion of the survey you will have the opportunity to enter an optional prize draw.


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