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Drugs & Alcohol

Alcohol and drugs are prevalent in today's world; they are easy to acquire, and they are consumed almost without thought. But they impair judgment and in some cases can impact our risk of contracting HIV and other STI's by lowering our inhibitions.

Consuming street drugs and/or alcohol can be pleasurable past times, and we all know about the good times that can be facilitated by them. But they impair judgments, so be sure to party safely.

When partying  with  friends, let someone know when you leave the bar, try to stay within your comfort zone and recognize the consequences of 'throwing caution to the wind'.

Each street drug has its own set of precautions to consider. Drugs can have a number of effects on our behaviours and thought patterns. If and when you are going to consume drugs and alcohol, beware they can makes it difficult to negotiate safer sex strategies and operate your heavy machinery.

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