Today, June 5th, is HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day (HLTSAD). On this very day, 40 years ago, some of the first cases of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) were identified in the U.S., affecting young, previously healthy gay men. Not long after, cases of AIDS and AIDS-related deaths began to increase across North America, reaching Newfoundland and Labrador and devastating communities.

While this may appear to be part of history, many people living with HIV and long-term survivors of the AIDS epidemic continue to live with trauma and the psychological results of living through the epidemic and watching many of their dear friends and loved ones be affected by this.

This is a day to remember the magnificent people we have lost to AIDS, and recognize the injustices, pain and hurt felt by many people living with HIV and/or affected by the AIDS epidemic and the resilience they possess today. Effective HIV treatment now exists, and when an individual adheres to their treatment, it is unlikely they will develop AIDS. ACNL offers supportive services, including supportive counselling, information about, and referrals to, HIV testing and treatment, for folks living with, affected by, or at risk for HIV/AIDS. Browse our website or call us at 709-579-8656 or toll-free at 1 (800) 563-1575 during operating hours for more information.