We are excited that the I’m Ready research program has launched! The I’m Ready research program is a national project providing individuals with access to free, low-barrier options to access HIV self-testing. You now have the option to self-test from the comfort of your own home or space, in private or with people you trust.

Did you know that 13% of Canadians are living with HIV right now without knowing? The goal of the I’m Ready research program is to reach people who are undiagnosed and give them choices about how to connect to the care they need. ACNL is a proud partner, pickup location and pathway to care for individuals who participate in the research program.

You’ll need a smartphone to download the mobile app “I’m Ready, Test”, consent to be a participant of the research program, take the pre-test survey and order your free HIV self-testing kit(s) for pickup or delivery. Your participation in the I’m Ready research program and your result(s) is completely anonymous and voluntary, and there are peer navigators in the app who are ready to support you every step of the way.

Learn more about the I’m Ready research program: https://www.readytoknow.ca/

Check out a guide that we created to get you more familiar with the I’m Ready research program, HIV self-testing, and how to obtain your free HIV self-test kit(s)!