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The Ins and Outs of Sex

Anal sex can be an enjoyable part of your relationships, whether its with a one night stand or a long term partner. Here are some thing to keep in mind when you engage in backdoor loving.

If you put things in your ass that has sharp edges or try to force anything, then it can cause damage. Tears of the anus take extremely long to heal, sometimes they never fully heal.

Tears in the rectal wall, also known as fissures, are like paper cuts and can increase the risk of HIV transmission if a condom is not used. These cuts can be so small you might not know you have them. So use a condom every time!

Parts of your penis can dry out, if you do notice dry flaky skin or it feels a little sore, lube it up. Dry skin, like anywhere on your body, can crack and open up little tiny cuts; providing a potential point of entry, for viruses. That’s why it’s good to use lubricant and, of course, wear condoms.

"Don't force things. At best, it will simply give your partner an unpleasant experience; at worst you could do some real physical damage" - Gay Sex: A Manual for Men who Love Men, Jack Hart, 1991, p.20

These can usually be avoided if you take precautions to lubricate the object being inserted, and if you engage in relaxing practices, before penetration. The lining of the rectum is comprised of very sensitive absorbent skin; this skin easily absorbs fluids and nutrients and viruses, and it is part of why unprotected anal sex is such a high risk activity.

Make sure that anything you attempt to insert is covered with a condom. In the case of toys, change the condom between partners, thus reducing the risk of exchanging bodily fluids. 

Going down can be the ultimate stimulation. Giving and receiving oral sex is considered a low risk activity; however any sexual activity where there is an exchange of body fluids means there is a possibility of contracting HIV or other STI's. Genital herpes can be passed through oral sex, as well as syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. Your best bet is to use a condom when you're engaging in oral sex. There are flavored condoms, and unlubricated ones specifically for that reason. If you decide not to use a condom, then choosing not to swallow (spitting) is another way to lower you risk of contracting an STI. As well you should avoid giving head after dental work or a mouth/tongue piercing, as these procedures can leave tiny cuts or tears in your mouth and gums. Even brushing your teeth can leave little cuts on your gums that pre-cum or cum can get into.

Rimming (anilingus), or eating ass as they call it, has negligible risk for HIV. There is a possibility of contracting hepatitis A, so dental dams should be used.

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