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Naturally, we all think about outlets for sexual urges and sometimes we want someone to do it with. Becoming a healthy sexual person, at any age, is part of natural human development and intercourse is only one part of the spectrum of sexual practices and intimate encounters that guys can share.

Self love is a no risk activity. It is the process of self stimulation of  the genitals and, even when in the company of others, masturbation is considered negligible risk, providing there is no sharing of fluids or toys.

Growing up, people can get a lot of negative messages about masturbation.  There are a lot of old myths which can lead to a general feeling of guilt about it. You'll be happy to know that doctors are now saying that it can be good for your health.

Learning to enjoy ourselves sexually can be the first step in experiencing a more pleasurable sex life. Knowing how to please yourself is the first step to knowing how to please someone else and it can help you stay actively involved in any sexual situation.

Masturbation is generally the first sexual experience we have, and it is an act that will stay with us for our entire lives. It is great for a stress relief, it also enables you to explore your own body and learn about what stimulates you; try exploring techniques for masturbation and building your repertoire.

Mutual masturbation is hot, healthy, safe, and is a good alternative to higher risk activities like unprotected anal intercourse. Until we consistently use condoms for intercourse, then we can keep our hands and our bodies busy in many other ways.

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