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Without a vaccine or a cure, prevention is the only tool we have to control the spread of HIV.  A harm reduction approach considers risk-taking behaviour as a natural part of our world and therefore strives to reach people at their level. The goal is to reduce the negative consequences of a particular behaviour, rather then requiring that the behaviour stop immediately. Any positive change is considered harm reduction. It requires openness, honesty and a non-judgmental attitude.

Living a healthy lifestyle and following safer practices is the best way to avoid HIV and other STI's  infection.

The links found in this section will provide you with a wide range of information to help increase your knowledge about safety and prevention. You will also find information about which behaviours are high risk and which are lower  risk.

Playing safe is a lot more than using a condom. Preventing the spread of HIV, STIs and hepatitis C involves knowing how they are spread and how other aspects of your life may put you at risk. It means making healthy decisions about how we play and how we party, and more importantly, how we lead our lives. For each of our actions there is a range of risks; and for each behavior, there is the option to  reduce harm, promote health, and ultimately, prevent the spread of HIV, hepatitis C, and STIs.

Getting tested for HIV, hepatitis C and STIs, talking to your partners about sex, further extend the safer sex spectrum.

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