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Sexual Body

My Body Is My Temple

It's healthy to explore your body; exploring your own body is one of the best ways to get to know yourself.  When you know what gets you off, then its easier to tell your partners.  Everyone is different and we all like different things. 

There are as many varieties to sexual interests and sexual practices as there are people.  That is why it is so difficult to discuss the extent of our sexuality.  With such a wide range of practices that are considered sex(ual) it's hard to think that there isn't anything left to do.  But we all have our preferences, fetishes, and regular practices.

And our sexual repertoires are sometimes rather limited, but that's not to say that we are boring in the bedroom (or the bathroom or the chatroom).  We all like different things, different people, and sometimes we like it all at different times.  There is a really great resource called the Safer Sex Menu, keep a copy of it under your pillow, in your wallet, or in your car's glove compartment; it outlines a wide variety of sexual practices and the HIV transmission guidelines for assessing risk.


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